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Stop Child Witch Accusations is an alliance of individuals and agencies responding to the reality of children experiencing serious harm or the threat of harm due to accusations of witchcraft.

Members of the Steering Committee of SCWA first came together to consider this issue in early 2012.


  • Susie Howe, The Bethany Children’s Trust — charity no. 1073817
  • Carolyn Gent, The Bethany Children’s Trust
  • Dr Emilie Secker, Safe Child Africa (formerly Stepping Stones Nigeria) — charity no. 1112476
  • Andrew Lawrence, Independent Consultant
  • Stephanie Mooney, FEBA — charity no. 257343
  • Annette Williams, CCPAS (Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service) — charity no. 1004490
  • John Fudge, Urban Saints — charity no. 1144923
  • Paul Stockley, Urban Saints


We are motivated to action through a shared concern to end the abuse and stigmatisation suffered by thousands of children who are accused of witchcraft.


We believe that no child should ever suffer in this way. We believe that churches have a significant role to play in ending these abuses of children.


We contribute to the development of effective practical responses and advocacy resources, adaptable for use in different localities and contexts.


We facilitate dialogue between local people and within local forums, supporting communities to come to their own understandings of this problem and how best to address it.

We know that many people around the world share these motivations and convictions in respect of this issue.

We seek to connect with others who have expertise of the issue of child witchcraft accusations, or who have experience of effective ways to combat similar harmful beliefs and practices.

We welcome new members to the Steering Committee who are willing to give of their time, knowledge and resources to help end this abuse of children.


All members of the Steering Committee either serve voluntarily or are funded by their organisations to participate in this initiative. SCWA does not pay any salaries. All funds raised by SCWA will be used to develop toolkits and resources, and to initiate local forums for action.

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